We all know that in this modern world of technology, the Wi-Fi signal is everywhere: in our homes, in the restaurants – everywhere. Many people think that it’s a great way of connecting many mobile devices and laptops – without using any cables. The companies that make the mobile phones must follow certain rules and instructions and make these devices safe for us – but still, we aren’t 100% sure that these devices are safe for us.


Now, we are going to answer the million-dollar question – are Wi-Fi signals harmful to the human body? Here’s what you need to know – in order to connect online, our wireless devices like tablets, laptops and phones use routers. The router emits electromagnetic waves or better known as WLAN signals, that can be very harmful. The truth is that we ignore this fact because we have very little or no knowledge about its side effects. But the real truth is that these signals can be really harmful. A recent study, conducted by group of experts at the British Health Agency, has discovered that routers have a bad effect on the growth of plants and people.


frequent strong headaches
chronic fatigue
sleep issues
pain in the ears
lack of concentration

As we said before, we all know that the modern technology is just a segment of our life that we cannot live without. Now, when we know the truth, we are going to show you a few tips and tricks on how to protect yourself and your family from these harmful signals. Here we have few useful advices that will help you use the router safely and at least lower the potential damage from it.

How to protect children from electromagnetic waves

Turn off Wi-Fi when not using it
Before bedtime make sure to disconnect all Wi-Fi programs
Avoid placing a router in the kitchen and bedroom
Replace your home wireless phones with cable ones

Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com