You were probably not familiar with the fact that people who consume three cups of milk on a daily basis are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

However you have probably noticed that breast cancer is in expansion. Unfortunately, milk is one of the culprits as it accelerates the development of cancer.

Most people diagnosed with cancer come from Sweden, Canada, America, Finland, and Great Britain, all of which are leaders when it comes to consumption of milk. On the other hand, it is has been scientifically shown that cancer rarely appears in cultures where milk is very little consumed.

Hormones and growth factors in milk are already known to be carcinogenic potential and the same goes for synthetic supplements of vitamin D as well. These supplements are often used to enrich the flavor of milk and other dairy products.

In addition, the list of other risk factors for developing cancer includes consumption of dough, sugar, and certain types of meat.

Finally, scientists have revealed that women who wear bra on a regular basis for 10 to 12 hours are also at increased risk of developing breast cancer. In fact, have an increased risk of breast cancer by 20 times in comparison to women who hardly wear it. This especially refers to bras with metal support.

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