Smoking is very bad for the health. Giving up smoking will give you benefits to your health which will far outweigh any positives for remaining a smoker.

Cigarettes’ smoke contains large number of carcinogens that are not only harmful to the smoker, but also to passive smokers who inhale the smoke, which mostly are children.

Quitting smoking is hard. Everyone who’s tried knows it. A recent article in Psychology Today estimates that most of those who have tried to quit have relapsed within a year. There are all sorts of patches and drugs to help, but many people don’t have success with them.

Richard Webster has devoted many years to helping people with behavioral problems, including people’s addiction to smoking.

Baking soda is suggested as a remedy to help stop smoking by Richard Webster and other experts in the field, because it can have an immediate effect to stop you taking that cigarette which you imagine you really need.


Simply put a touch of baking soda onto the tongue whenever you feel the urge to smoke.

Important: This technique is not recommended for people who are on specific low sodium diets, or who have high blood pressure.

Note: Baking soda should never be substituted for eating a healthy alkaline diet. Also, it is not advisable to keep taking baking soda indefinitely.

Use it for a couple of weeks, then stop for a couple of weeks before you start using the baking soda again, even if you have not managed to quit smoking yet. Too much baking soda taken on a regular basis is not good for your kidneys.