Coleen, a mother of 3, tried several ways to shed weight, but none proved as good as wrapping in foil. She says she hated her appearance in a bathing suit. After 3 children, she has not-so-perfect stomach.

She’d read about body wraps online but she was recommended this method by a friend who had tried it and lost 0.5 inches on the first trial. For sceptical and those who don’t believe in weight loss tricks, she has this recipe. This is a simple and cheap method to shed weight. The secret to faster results is to have something from the ocean such as mud, kelp or seaweed in the wrap.


clear plastic wrap
bandage wrap


Step 1 – Smear a thick layer of moisturizer to the target area like the stomach thighs, upper arms or “trouble spots”. Do not rub it completely in.

Step 2 – With the plastic wrap, cover the whole area severally but do not make it too tight. You are going to wear it the whole night.

Step 3 – Then wrap the area with a long gauze or bandage wrap, anything that will keep it in place. Ensure that the plastic is totally covered.

Make it well secured and you are ready to retire to bed.

The thought behind this is to offer your body some assistance with releasing water that is held because of climate or food consumption. The blend of lotion and plastic sweats it out of you.

Coleen says she tried and loved the outcome and wishes it helps you get your body ready for a swim suit.