What you eat is supposed to fuel your body and keep your internal engine running on high throughout the day. For example, many types of foods help you burn more calories than others. These super foods help you to stay healthy and shed unwanted pounds in conjunction with exercise. Cayenne pepper, for example, revs up your metabolism and helps you burn fat.

Lemon, ginger, honey, cinnamon and horseradish are also considered to be highly effective when waging war against belly fat. Similar to red pepper, each have unique properties that work together to improve overall health and burn fat.

How Does it Work?

When combined, the above-mentioned ingredients work together to decrease your appetite and give you an energy boost.

Horseradish stimulates digestion and boosts our metabolism.
Cinnamon helps burn abdominal fat and control insulin levels. Lemons have a calming effect that can reduce stress levels. It’s proven that stress overload is a prime reason for overeating.
Lemons are high in vitamin C, help to reduce stress and helps your body turn excess fat into energy.
Ginger is highly effective in keeping your blood sugar in check so you don’t binge of carbohydrates.

Let’s Get Cooking

The best part of this recipe is that you don’t have to slave away in the kitchen every night. You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry.

Horseradish 125 grams.
Three lemons.
Honey four teaspoons.
Cinnamon two teaspoons.
Ginger two-centimeter piece.


Using a food processor, blend the ginger and horseradish. Cut the lemons into slices and remove the seeds. Blend the lemons with the peels and mix together with the horseradish and ginger paste. Add the honey, cinnamon and blend again. Store in the refrigerator in an airtight jar. One cup a day and you can say goodbye to belly fat!

Although it may seem daunting to keep your chin up and enthusiasm high after you’ve cleaned up the confetti, it’s not impossible. In 2016, you can whittle your middle and flaunt a toned tummy in time for summer. Cheers to your health!