Nowadays a lot of us suffer from insomnia. With the stressors in our modern environment, it can become difficult to fall asleep and wake up feeling rested. The easiest thing to do is to take a sleeping pill, but we all know the negative effects they have.

We are going to give you a natural solution for your problem. The natural remedy consists of only three ingredients which will makes you fall asleep like a baby.

Ingredients you will need:

Sea salt 1/8 tsp
Coconut oil 1 tbsp
Raw honey ¼ tsp
You can make the mixture using 2 different processes.

Process 1:

Put the coconut oil in a small bowl and add the honey and the sea salt. Mix them all together. Take 1 tablespoon of this mixture every night before you go to sleep.

Process 2:

Consume 1 tbsp of coconut oil and after that take ¼ tsp of honey without mixing the ingredients. Then put the sea salt in glass of water and drink it.

The combination of these ingredients will help you to reduce the stress hormones and relax your body during the night. You will fall asleep almost instantly after drinking the mixture and you will wake up refreshed and full with energy.

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