This is the story of a young man who suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure, but recovered in a way previously unimaginable. Instead of taking insulin and high blood pressure pills, he chose to eat raw vegetables and fruits.

This happened 4 years ago, when he found himself experiencing one of the most common symptoms of diabetes – feeling thirsty all the time.

Here is a recipe he used:

2 bananas
2 apples
some kale
5 kiwi fruit
half a liter of water

How to use:

Drink half a liter of this juice in the morning, and drink the rest of the day. When you feel hungry, eat fruit, salad, or tuna in limited quantities. These foods are rich of B12 and can improve the health of the body.

An advantage of this magic diet is you will be difficult feeling hungry. This is related to the fact that the brain gets information from the blood to determine the incidence of hunger. Blood, filled by nutrients from juice prevents the brain to cause “hunger signals”.