Sage is a member of the mint family. Sage was prized in the ancient world for its purification ability. The Greek physician Dioscorides recommended topical application of sage tea to clean wounds and stop bleeding.

Did you know that Native Americans used fresh sage as a kind of toothbrush to clean the mouth after a meal? Sage is the classic medicinal herb used to fight sore throats and gum inflammation, and to treat the inside of the mouth or the throat.

Sage has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It fights the pathogens that cause illness and quickly soothes pain. Sage has benefits for the whole body, but it especially favors the mouth and throat.

Moreover, sage could be the secret to curing strep throat. Sage is so effective against strep throat that even mainstream doctors now suggest it as a complementary treatment. And far from aggravating the recurrent nature of strep, sage actually works to overcome that.

How to make Sage Tea


  •  5 sage leaves
  •  1 cup of water Honey to taste (optional)


Bring water to boil

Place leaves in a cup and pour water over leaves

Cover the cup and and allow the tea to steep for 20-30 minutes…

The therapeutic dose is 3-4 cups of Sage tea per day.