Painkiller is definitely the first option that many people use when experiencing a headache or some other type of pain.

But, it is time to change that! We will present a simple and effective way to eliminate the pain, and you will not have to take painkillers or any other prescription drugs.

Have you ever heard of reflexology? It is a recent philosophy, at least in the Western world, which suggests that there is a connection between each body part and the hands.

Here is what you need to know about the relation between your fingers and other organs, and what you need to do to get rid of the pain.

Forefinger – It is related with the stomach and the colon, meaning that you should press your forefinger, rub it for 1 minute and pull it whenever you experience abdominal pain or constipation. There will be a significant improvement of your condition.

Thumb – It is linked to the lungs and heart. Rub your thumb and pull it anytime you feel that you have an accelerated heart rhythm. This method will slow down your heart beat.

Middle finger – It is linked to the small intestine, heart, blood and respiratory system. Stretch out your middle finger and rub it whenever you feel sleepless or dizzy.

Ring finger – This finger is related to your mood, meaning that you should massage it every time you feel depressed or in a bad mood. You will notice that your mood will be improved.

Small finger – It is linked to the head, neck, and kidneys. Massage your pinkie whenever you suffer from a headache or neck pain in order to feel instant relief.

Palms – Palms are linked to the nervous system, so the stimulation of blood circulation in the palms can improve your psychological health. You can do this by clapping your hands.