We have discussed a lot about tumors and cancer. There are many natural remedies that can help you treat the tumor or cancer cells. This specific plant is proven to treat 75% of cancer in 15 days. The effects of the actions are visible within five minutes, and whole tumors disappear within 15 days, they just come off the skin.

Lushwood (Hylandia dockrillii), freely translated yellow wood, the plant has exceptional medicinal properties that are thought to take priority in combating the tumor in the near future. In the north of Queensland, Australia, in the rain forest, a smaller population of Hylandia dockrillii has developed, whose traits scientists have studied over eight years and came to a startling data. Of the 300 animals (dogs, cats, horses, Tasmanian devils) which were artificially induced with tumors of the neck and melanomas, the application extracted from the berries of this plant cured the tumor in 75% of cases and, according to the researchers, none of the cured tumors subsequently returned.

It turned out that the ingredient contained in the berries kills tumor cells, directs the blood flow from the infected tissue and stimulates the immune system of the organism in active tumor decomposition residues.

The researchers noted that this drug has no side effects. The first effects are visible within five minutes, and whole tumors disappear within 15 days, simply falling off with the skin.

It is extremely difficult to grow in areas outside of the northern Queensland. But do not be sad because plants that have very similar effects on tumors are everywhere around us, and these are the three most effective.

Hemp oil – a month of use

Four years of chemotherapy destroyed an organism of a man from Milwaukee. After a month of using this oil, the man literally spit the tumor through his mouth and got rid of it forever. The hemp oil really does miracles and cures cancer, which has been confirmed by millions of people around the world.


Many studies that are done in secret, since the 1970s have shown that this plant successfully kills cancer cells in our body up to 10 000 times more successfully than ordinary chemotherapy and the drug Adriamycin (most commonly used in chemotherapy) – effects of the treatment with soursop are great because it restores power and immunity as opposed to chemotherapy which is extremely debilitating.

Carrots – eight months

Ann Cameron was able to cure cancer in the fourth phase only with carrot juice, without chemotherapy, radiation and changes in her diet. After the surgery of colon cancer in the third stage, the situation has worsened in late 2012. The cancer had metastasized to the lungs, which found her in the fourth stage. They recommended her chemotherapy, regardless of what it could not extend her life.

She refused, and as she was studying alternative methods of treatment, she found the information about Ralph Cole who cured his cancer using carrot juice, in an amount from about 2 kilograms of carrots a day. Then she began her healing journey, drinking the same amount. By the way sometimes she forgot the juice for three, four days, and was consuming all kinds of food, even sometimes unhealthy.

So, the only change in her life was the carrot juice. In January 2013, after eight weeks of daily drinking the juice, CT scan showed that the cancerous tumors stopped growing, there was a small reduction in the tumor and the swelling of the lymph nodes. In March 2013, no new tumors, no swollen lymph nodes, and existing tumors continued to decrease. In July 2013, the cancer was gone, all swollen cancerous lymph nodes returned to normal.

After eight months of drinking carrot juice the cancer was completely gone. Her story was conveyed by all of the world’s media, but it is not the only example, there are plenty.

Source: www.healthylifebyte.com