The hair is definitely the most noticeable feature on the face and it is actually the first thing others notice. Unfortunately, the hair treatments we perform on a regular basis, such as dyeing, straightening, and blow-drying, have a huge impact on the hair and make it damaged and dry.

In case your hair has started to lose its volume and shine, this article is perfect for you! We present an effective DIY recipe which reverses hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth. The best thing about this recipe is that the first results can be seen within very short period of time. Therefore, if you continue using it for a month, the quality of your hair will be significantly improved.



750ml plain nettle shampoo
100ml aqueous solution of panthenol
30ml nettle drops
30ml aqueous solution of AD drops
50ml castor oil
2 ampoules vitamin B


Take a 1l bottle and mix all the ingredients into it. Shake the bottle well so that the ingredients are completely blended. Don’t forget to shake well before each use!!!

Apply this mixture onto the hair and scalp as you normally do when washing your hair. Massage it gently and let it work for couple of minutes. Finally, rinse the hair thoroughly.

Even though you can use a dry hair mask, this step can be skipped because the shampoo already contains nettle, AD drops, and castor oil, all of which are beneficial for hair dryness.

You can also start consuming nettle tea as it increases the blood count and it balances the hormonal levels, both of which are linked to hair loss.

How Does it Work?

What makes this shampoo so effective is the combination of the right ingredients, all of which possess strong medicinal properties and work as vitamin boost for the both hair and scalp.

The nettle is one of the best natural remedies for scalp and hair health. Namely, it improves the blood flow into the scalp, which in turn stimulates healthy hair growth.

It contains pantothenic acid, also referred to as vitamin B5, which promotes healthy scalp and hair regeneration.

Castor Oil
Being an excellent source of vitamin E and ricinoleic acid, the castor oil is an amazing ingredient for healthy hair growth. In addition to this, it acts as antifungal and antibacterial agent, which in turn prevents scalp bacteria proliferation and formation of dandruff.

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