If you are one of the sushi lovers, as many people are, you are probably aware of its numerous health benefits, if it is prepared correctly. To the contrary, if you don’t prepare properly and don’t adhere to the instructions, you are likely to experience a lot of health issues afterwards. First and foremost, determine the origin of the sushi. Then, make sure it is prepared by the book. Read on this article and see which possible consequences you are likely to experience if you eat sushi that has been improperly prepared. You will be shocked.

You are probably one of those people who like to enjoy a serving of sushi occasionally. It is very likely that you prefer Sashimi, a salmon skin Yummy Yummy roll and the spicy tuna roll. If this is the case, you won`t like the information presented below. However, you should know that the love towards sushi that this man had caused him an enormous health issue. In fact, his entire body became packed with parasitic tape worms.

This Chinese man experienced severe stomachache and itching on the skin. He consulted his doctor and it turned out that his entire body was packed with worms. The full body scan had revealed an infection spreading throughout the body.

The worm, known as Diphyllobothrium, is present in almost all types of fish. This type of worm can result in an onset of a disease called Diphyllobothriasis, a disease which usually occurs as result of consumption of raw and undercooked fish.

Weakness, diarrhea, pain or discomfort in the abdominal area, and weight loss are the most visible signs of this health issue. In case you are wondering whether you can diet from these worms or not, the answer is definitely YES. If the worms manage to reach the brain, the disease can be fatal. Once the body becomes infected, these so-called tape worms start to grow which allows them to live there for years.

The most disturbing fact is that this type of worms can go unnoticed for a long time. It may take couple of weeks or even months until they become noticed, detected, and treated.

According to many studies, the consumption of raw or undercooked fish can result in many different parasitic infections. Some studies even found that the consumption of cooked fish can sometimes result in an additional body response.

Source : www.healthylivinghouse.com