The most effective way to lose weight is to increase the rate of your metabolism. Therefore, you don`t have to change your diet or keep some strict diet. All you need to do is add a couple of spices to your favorite meal.

This method is quite more effective than starvation because it will speed up the metabolic rate and won`t deprive you from all the essential nutrients that you enter through food.

There is a recent study conducted at the University of Medical Sciences in Iran which involved two groups of overweight women with 44 participants.

Each of these groups were given consultations abut healthy diet in a period of three months. They had a daily menu which contained not more than 500 calories.

The only thing that was different is that one group had 140ml yogurt with cumin, and the other group had just yogurt.

After the trial period, the group which consumed yogurt with cumin had lost about 14 kg, which was not the case with the second group.

The second group lost about 4.91% fat while the first group lost more than 14.64% more fat than the second group.

Cumin significantly increases the metabolism and contains phytosterols which prevent the boy from retaining cholesterol. This results in rapid weight loss.

You can add cumin to almost every meal, including to your favorite drinks.