Why it is called emergency diet? Well because it works really fast which means that this diet is best suitable for the ones that do not have enough free time for a regular workout program and for the ones that need to be in shape for some particular event and they do not have the needed time to achieve that. This diet is really popular because in just one night it can help you to melt quite a few pounds.

Besides that it will help you to lose some pounds it will also help you to lose the belly fat which means you will have much flattening stomach. In just one day it will detoxify your entire body and it will cleanse your blood. This diet is only based on smoothies, teas and juices and all of them help in eliminating waste from your body much better.

And here is the plan:

Take a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice at 8 am.
Take a glass of water with orange or apple juice at 10 am.
Take a cup of green tea at 12 noon.
Take a glass of cold water with carrot juice at one pm.
Take a cup of tea of your choice at 3 pm.
Take a glass of natural juice of your choice at 5 pm.
Take another cup of green tea at 7 pm.
Take a glass of water with grapefruit juice at 9 pm.
And you will need to finish your day just as you started it – with drinking a lukewarm water with lemon juice at 10 pm.

Remember that you will need to consume everything without adding artificial sweeteners and extra ingredients that are not listed above.

With this diet you will have flat stomach in just one day. Plus your entire body will be detoxified and your energy levels will be boosted. Try it, and feel free to write down in the comments your results from this diet.

Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com