In most cases of hiccups disappear without intervention within a few minutes. However , there are situations when hiccups last longer. In the case of hiccups last longer than two days, you need to visit your doctor and find a solution to this problem.

In addition, there are many natural remedies that have proved helpful. If one of them does not want to try another. Here are some of them: Inhale and hold your breath as you can. So , breathe and count to 10 or 15 to exhale. Perform this 3 or 4 times. Take a glass of cold water from the tap. Take a teaspoon of honey or sugar. Inhale and exhale in a paper bag.

Keep your ears covered. Carefully cover the ears with your fingers or hand in half a minute.Many people say that this practice helps them every time. Raise your knees toward the chest and push them against the chest as much as you can. One of these tips will certainly help.