Massage is type of therapy which is based on stimulation and putting pressure on certain areas of the body. It is curing therapy and it boosts the metabolism. Moreover, it improves the secretion of sweat and the blood flow. It can be recreational treatment or sexual in desire, and it can serve as either relaxation or curing therapy. The motions can be stationary or moving, structured or unstructured.

Moreover, it can be done with motion, vibration, or tension with body massagers or manually. Speaking of manual massage, it can be done with fingers, hands, forearms, elbows, feet, or even knees.

Foot massage is one of the most beneficial massages.

Different areas of the foot are associated with different body organs. Consequently, massaging the feet before bedtime is extremely beneficial. It is isn`t about relaxation only, but it provides numerous health benefits, too. Below, you fill find a list of some of the benefits and positive effects of foot massage.

1. Provides a better night`s sleep

2. Improves blood circulation

3. Reduces the effect of edema during pregnancy

4. Maintains proper function of the organs and it treats different diseases

5. It is good for the skin

6. It is beneficial for restless leg syndrome

Start massaging your feet as soon as possible and reap its amazing health benefits. Look at the picture below for further assistance.