If you often have trouble falling asleep and you just cannot seem to get comfortable, you may have restless legs syndrome (RLS). Use a fresh bar that’s preferably unscented but any brand or kind will work so long as it’s new and not old or dried out.

Stick the soap in-between the sheets or under the bottom fitted sheet and leave it there. Some people prefer to place the bar in a clean sock first to both protect their bed sheets and allow it to move around more freely. Either way is fine so choose what works best for you.

After a month goes by check the soap bar to see how it looks, if it’s shriveled up and dried out then it’s old and needs to be replaced with a fresh one. If you have RLS or issues with leg cramps then try this method tonight because there’s nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain from it, like better sleep quality and more comfort. It’s cheap, easy, and reportedly very effective.

Source: www.diysite.tips