According to a recent study from Harvard University conducted on nearly half a million Chinese nationals adding curry to your diet can lower the risk of premature death by 14%. The participants in the study, which lasted for 7 years, were divided in two groups according to their eating habits. It was revealed that those who ate curry at least three times a week lived much longer than those who didn’t.

These findings just further support the previous studies conducted on the subject. It has long been advised that curry is very healthy and beneficial for our overall health. Regular consumption can speed up and improve the metabolism, decrease the risk of inflammation, hence the cancer fighting properties and prevent and treat heart conditions. The recent Harvard study just adds on to the mounting evidence and confirms all previous claims regarding this amazing spice.

Curry as a spice has been altered and refined over the years since its discovery in the 17th century. Today, most curry spices from different brands contain a mix of turmeric, coriander, cumin, various chili peppers and fenugreek and has a yellowish-orange color. All these different herbs have strong anti-inflammatory powers and when combined together they are a real health bomb for our body. Adding curry to a healthy diet can improve your life expectancy significantly.

In the Harvard study participants ate meals spiced up with curry at least three times a week and even though we need to consider other factors such as the overall lifestyle of the participants compared to non-participants, the results are quite overwhelming. All things considered, there is mounting evidence that eating spicy, curried food on a weekly basis can lead to a longer lifespan and healthier body.

The best thing about curry is that it can be added to almost every meal if we want to. Sandwiches, chicken, soups, stir fries and many other dishes are even more delicious with curry. So spice up your life and live longer with curry rich foods.