This article presents a couple of facts about cancer cells. Check them out!

-Generally, every human body possesses cancer cells which usually occur 6 times in a lifetime. Sometimes they go undetected as they cannot be recognized by a simple test. However, if the person has strong immunity, he can fight them!

-Cancer cells develop as result of lack of nutrients. Deficiency in nutrients usually occurs due to unhealthy diet, environment, and genetics.

-Boosting the immune system is the best way to prevent the cancer cells from multiplying. Chemotherapy is crucial for people who are diagnosed with kidney, heart, lungs, or liver cancer as it kills of cancer cells before they start to multiply.

-Chemotherapy and radiation are the first treatments used and their aim is to reduce the tumor`s size. However, it is worth mentioning that prolonged chemotherapy doesn’t destroy tumors.

-Chemotherapy and radiation may cause mutation of cancer cells, which in turn makes them more difficult to destroy. Surgery may also cause spreading of the cancer to other organs.

-Chemotherapy produces toxins which attack the immune system, making the patient susceptible to infections.

Beneficial Foods for Cancer Cells

-Given the fact that cancer cells don’t thrive in acidic environment, it is important to consume acidity-forming foods, such as red meat and processed foods.

-Avoid milk as it creates mucous, something that cancer cells feed on. Limit your sugar intake as well, as cancer cells also feed on sugar.

-Consume more nuts, fruits, veggies, and seeds. Fresh enzymes promote growth of healthy cells which may be killed at higher temperature.

-To strengthen the immune system and fight cancer cells, take antioxidants, vitamins, Essiac, Flor-essence, minerals, and Beta Glucan. Take supplements like vitamin E as it causes programmed cell death.

-Digestive enzymes take more time to digest proteins from meat sources. The undigested meat remains in the intestines, causing toxin buildup.

-Make sure you exercise on a regular basis and practice breathing techniques in order to supply the body and cells with enough oxygen. This causes death of cancer cells as they cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.

-Last but not least, stay positive and optimistic in order to fight off this debilitating disease.

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