Potatoes are delicious, versatile food and are used in various combinations of tasty recipes. Still, these crops can be very unhealthy, and unfortunately in some cases even downright deadly.

In case you have potatoes in your home and if those potatoes are stored for a long time, it is advisable to throw them out immediately. Continue with reading and find out more about the horrifying reason why!

Maria Chelysheva is 8-year-old girl from Russia who became an orphan in 2014. The reason for that is batch of old potatoes that her family had let rot in their cellar. Her father went into the basement to get some potatoes, but surprisinglyhe never came back. Maria’s mother went into the basement to find her husband, but she never came back either.

It is quite shocking that the same thing happened to Maria’s brother and then to her grandmother. Namely, Maria’s grandmother previously called their neighbor for help, but until the time the neighbor arrived, the woman already had gone into the basement herself. Maria’s entire family suffered from the same terrible fate.

It is important to mention that potatoes contain glycoalkaloids, which is chemical compound that is found in poisonous nightshade plants. This compound actually makes potatoes naturally toxic under the suitable circumstances, on one side when they’re eaten by humans, but on the other side simply from simply breathing in their chemicals.

Namely, the glycoalkaloids concentation of the potatoes goes up the more they rot, which causes them to emit extremely dangerous, toxic gas. The exposure to this deadly compound killed Maria’s family.

Maria almost died when she went to look for her family, but fortunately the gas had dissipated a little as her mother had left the door open.

We must say that this accident that happened to Maria and her family is totally heartbreaking. Still, we hope that their story will serve as warning to other people about the dangers of rotten potatoes. In case you have potatoes at your home that are at risk of going bad, you should get rid of them immediately, before it’s too late!

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Source: www.mynaturalwayoflife.co