According to a recent study, peaches have the ability to keep cancer at bay, specifically to make cancer cells commit suicide (apoptosis).

Giuliana Noratto, a science researcher at Washington State University, teamed with a group of researchers at Texas A & M, and found that peaches contain a chemical capable of causing the body to kill off metastatic cancer cells.  It does so by activating certain signals in the cells, making them commit suicide.

The cancerous cells spreading throughout the body, called metastatic, was shown to slow down in rats with induced breast cancer.  Breast cancer, which is the most common cancer type among American women, was included in this test in which Noratto found that polyphenols in peaches destroy cancer cells.

Safer Than Chemo

The compounds in peaches target cancer cells and kill them off, while leaving the healthy ones intact.  It is believed that the high-dose peach extract offers a completely side-effect-free cancer treatment.

As concluded by the study, a woman of about 140 pounds requires three peaches a day to get the most of the cancer-fighting compound.  When the rats were given the extract, the growth of the cells was significantly slowed down. However, then the scientists noticed something even more surprising. The cells started dying off, due to the active compound which led the cells to send signals” to commit suicide”.

“We didn’t even think of metastasis at the time,” Noratto said.

Noratto and her team focused on more natural choices and moved away from chemotherapy-suggesting doctors.  After only 12 days the formation of blood vessels which was in charge for the spread of cancer cells was significantly slowing down,  reducing the enzymatic activity in both invasion and spread of cancer.

This study used Rich Lady type of peach and it found that those with the most red, such as Crest Haven, Red Haven, Elberta, and Blushing Star, contain more cancer-fighting compounds.

Well That’s Just Peachy

The team of researchers found that the specific compounds that make cancer cells commit apoptosis are not stable when heated.

Avoid canned versions and stick with the fresh peach.  An extract was used during the study, so look for peach extract containing neo chlorogenic and chlorogenic compounds.

When compared to chemotherapy, it is worth mentioning that the peach extract attacked and destroyed the most aggressive cancerous cells and had no toxicity on healthy ones.