We all know healthy hair demand a lot of care and if you had a haircut which you regret, I bet you would be crying to get the length back. You need to treat your hair with best products and keep them well maintained to have a better hair growth. Maybe you always wanted longer hair, envying your friend who has it, but couldn’t have? Well, sometimes its in the genes, but here are tips you could bring to use instead of blaming your genetics:


Don’t pick up any other shampoo from the store, but experiment and stick to the one which suits your hair the best. They have chemicals that can harm your hair, so pick a good shampoo even if it is costly so that your hair remains away from harsh chemicals.

Hair wash

Wash your hair regularly but not too much as well. Try to wash them alternate days in order to get rid of the dirt. But, avoid washing regularly as it could get rid of essential oils already present in your scalp. They are the ones that boost length of your hair.

Avoid using hot water

No matter how cold it is outside, make sure that you wash your hair with cold water only. As hot water can make it fragile and increase the hair fall.

Comb at least twice

You must ensure that there are no tangles in your hair as they lead to split ends. Split ends are the major reason why you have lack of hair growth and have dull hair instead.

Trim your hair regularly

On the same note, you must get your hair trimmed to get rid of all the split ends that are a hindrance to your hair growth

Don’t always keep your hair tied

If you wear a ponytail regularly and that too tightly, t will be harmful for your hair. So let them lose, especially before you go to bed or you could make a lose braid. Have a healthy diet to keep your hair healthy.

However, if you want to speed up this process even more, watch the following video.

Source: www.zeppfeed.com