Jane Plant was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42. The fifth time her breast cancer came back, she was given only 2 more months to live. With three young children relying on her she was devastated. But instead of taking the diagnosis as a death sentence, Jane and her husband decided to research different ways to beat her cancer.

The Discovery

They discovered that the breast cancer rate in China was well below the one in the United States. After more research Jane and her husband figured out that this drastic difference in statistics was related to diet. So Jane decided to dedicate herself to following a predominantly Chinese diet.

This includes:

low animal protein
no dairy
lots of fruits
nuts and pulses

Six weeks after her diet change, Jane’s tumour had went away. While Jane felt hopeful, her oncologist said that the tumor would return.

Yet, six years later, Jane was struck with an epiphany: “I’m not dead — I’m still not dead.” Those words repeated in her head over and over for the rest of the day. And she knew she could finally allow herself to believe she had beaten cancer.