In the wake of spending the greater part of his working life on finding a characteristic cure for malignancy, Rudolf Brojs from Austria found the most intense formula for treatment of numerous life-undermining sicknesses including growth.

His everything regular juice has helped more than 45,000 malignancy individuals to battle and thrashing this lethal malady. As per Brojs, growth essentially relies on upon proteins for survival.

As a component of his against tumor treatment, he additionally proposed a 42-day eating regimen exceptionally suited for this sort of treatment. Alongside the juice, which depends on beetroot, the eating regimen arrangement should likewise be bolstered with high admission of tea. The malignancy cells starve and hence kick the bucket, while your general wellbeing enhances amid the 42 days of this regimen.

To set this up strong all-common cure, utilize just natural produce.


Beetroot – 55%

Carrots – 20%

Celery root – 20%

Potatoes – 3%

Radishes – 2%


The arrangement of the juice is entirely basic. Blend every one of the fixings until all around mixed. You can drink as a significant part of the juice as you can stand, however be mindful so as not to run over the board with it.

Beetroot is a standout amongst the most wellbeing helpful vegetables. It’s high in cancer prevention agents, an extensive variety of vitamins including C, B1, B2, B6, folic and pantothenic corrosive, and a [plethora of minerals, for example, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, and zinc. Beetroot owes its red shading to betacyanins or maroon colors. There’s mounting proof that finds the therapeutic properties of beetroot useful for treatment of leukemia and tumor.

To begin with, beets are rich in betaine, an amino corrosive with solid disease battling properties. Betaine is additionally an intense mitigating, cell reinforcement and detox specialist. As indicated by exploration, this intense amino corrosive can annihilate tumor cells.

Beetroot is very useful for the treatment of a few sorts of tumor, including leukemia. A study inspecting the impacts of beetroot on growth patients uncovered that 100% of the subjects reacted emphatically to beet treatment.

Beetroot likewise gives various advantages to pregnant ladies, particularly in light of the fact that it’s high in folic corrosive. Besides, it enhances liver and nerve bladder work, and forestalls blockage. It additionally lightens cerebral pains, toothaches, looseness of the bowels, bone issues, skin issues and menstrual agonies.

Attributable to its stunning medical advantages, beetroot ought to be a fundamental part of any eating routine.