Miraculous healing combination: EFFECT 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy! Why did we not know about this miraculous cure and why we still didn’t try it? Because there are organizations that have an interest, common people not to know about the miraculous healing properties of the combination of lemon and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Therefore, from now onwards, spread the words about this simple but amazing cure to the people that really needs it!

Lemon has strong anti-carcinogenic properties that are already been proven. Beside that it has many other useful features. It has a very strong effect over cysts and tumors. This fruit can cure cancer, it is tested on all types of cancer, and if baking soda is added it will have even bigger effect, because it will normalize the pH value in the body.

Also lemons have very strong anti-microbial effect with very wide range of activity against fungal and bacterial infections. Lemons are effective against worms and internal parasites. It is a powerful antidepressant and regulates the blood pressure, reduces stress and calms the nerves.

Lemon and baking soda are new miraculous combination

Healing benefits of miraculous lemon and baking soda:

This combination is stopping cancer from spreading out.

It`s well-known that chemotherapy has dangerous and horrible side effects for the human body.

Chemotherapy destroys cancer cell but in the same time it destroys and healthy cells.

On the other hands, Lemon and baking soda kill the cancer cells without damage our healthy cells.

Strong antimicrobial effect:

Lemon has a strong antimicrobial effect and has an extremely wide spectrum of activity against fungal and bacterial infections.

Lemon is very effective against worms and internal parasites, it`s regulating blood pressure and is a very powerful depressant – decrease nerve crises and stress.

Lemon has also been proven that has strong anti-carcinogenic properties – tumors and cysts.

In addition to all of this are a lot of other useful healing benefits.


The preparation is very simple, mix 2 dL (aprox. 6.8 oz) lemon juice with one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup, optional you can diluted the mixture with a distilled water and the miraculous drink is ready! Consume the drink before breakfast on a empty stomach for better effect. To have even bigger effect it is best to use organic lemon. Organic lemon is 100 times more efficient than lemon grown with artificial fertilizers and sprayed with chemicals.