Every year there are more and more people diagnoses with cancer. So in 2016, only in the United States the number of people diagnosed with cancer is almost 1,700,000. It is predicted that the number will be even higher in the years that are coming. There are many medical researchers that are searching for a cure for cancer. They claim that the cure is not found yet, but that they are really close to a newest discovery about one vitamin.

In America,a lot of people are not consuming enough vitamin D.  70% of the children and 75% of the adults do not get this vitamin in their everyday life. The biggest problems is that people don’t know that they lack this vitamin. Lacking the vitamin D can lead to cancer.  If you want to check if you have vitamin D deficiency, make a blood test. But there are some other facts that maybe you lack vitamin D:

– Depression is also an indicator about lacking vitamin D. This vitamin can help in treating depression and even anxiety. 440 obese and overweight men and women were included in a study in 2008 made in Norway. And after a year to those who were given 20,000 and 40,000 IUs of vitamin D supplements weekly had less symptoms of depression.
– Muscle weakness
– Severe asthma, in children particularly
– Pain in the bones
– Cognitive impairment, especially in older adults
– Chronic pain
– Excessive sweating-sweating that occurs with no physical exertion or increased temperature is a common sign of low levels of vitamin D.

There is an explanation how vitamin D can cure cancer, but it is not confirmed yet. Vitamin D was given to women that were going through menopause. After four years these women had almost 80% reduction of all types of cancer. This research was made by Joan Lappe and Robert Heaney in 2007.

This vitamin is intricately connected to some types of cancer, especially breast cancer. A research was made by Dr. Cecdric Garland and it showed that with intake of the needed level of vitamin D breast cancer can be lowered by 50%.

The connection between vitamin D and cancer is still not familiar, but the researchers think that is the fact that vitamin D is needed for many functions in the body(to absorb calcium in order to promote bone growth, aids the function of the cardiovascular system, the autoimmune system).

Individuals aged between one and seventy need 600lU a day, and infants aged between 0 and 12 months needs 1,000IU daily. Vitamin D can be consumed by foods like: tune, yogurt, milk, mushrooms, orange juice, fatty fish, etc. Another way is to spend time in the sun.  Oral supplements can be beneficial  too. These supplements need to be taken daily, 2-3 months. The best one is vitamin D3.

Cancer is one of the biggest problems in the world. This is the reason why many people die today. Cure for cancer is still a mystery. If you get  the needed level of vitamin D you will be much more healthier, you will have much healthier bones and muscles. It is not 100% sure that you will cure cancer, but you will sure lower the risk of getting cancer.

Source: www.non-stophealthy.com