Did you know that self-experimentation can make a huge difference in your life? Needless to say, before trying a certain habit you are not able to see whether it works for you, but choosing to be open-minded and open to the idea of self-experimentation helps reap amazing health benefits. Preserving this receptiveness to new ideas is of utmost importance, as it allows you to consider and adopt new techniques which may prove highly beneficial.


This nightly fast is one of those ideas you should be opened to, as it`s easy and extremely simple to do. In fact, it`s done in your sleep!


Simply put, after finishing your dinner, you should wait 12 hours before eating again. For instance, this may be from 7 p.m to 7 a.m, 8p.m to 8 a.m, etc.

This nightly fast prevents weight gain, restores the body, and you`ll feel much rejuvenated by fasting every night for 12 hours.

The body typically takes about 8 hours to digest the meals from the day. After additional 4 hours and after digestion, the body shifts to healing mode.

At this point, it starts removing dead cells and replacing them with ones as well as using accumulated glucose for energy, which in turn burns off fat.

Additional Benefits

-Balancing mood and energy levels
-Regulating blood sugar levels since you are not eating all the time and insulin isn’t spiking and crushing at all times
-Promotes weight loss
-Supports the elimination of toxins through sweat and urine
-Allows the body to process the nutrients you have consumed during the day

As much amazing these benefits seem, the best is yet to come! The real reason why you should try this fasting is its healing activity. Fasting for 12 hours allows the body to take a break from its day-to-day activities and take time to cleanse and heal.

By fasting for 12 hours, you`ll wake up rested, energized, and prepared for the challenges of the upcoming day. It is also worth mentioning that this fast is suitable for every lifestyle and it works as great complement to any dietary plan. It will enhance your results and you`ll feel better than ever before.

Source: www.youngandraw.com