A woman named Veselina Stevic was diagnosed with a fibroid (tumor) in the uterus at the age of 56. Instead of undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, the two common cancer treatments, Veselina turned to alternative medicine.

While doing a little research on her own, she came across an Aloe Vera recipe, which she soon incorporated in her treatment.

Within a month of regular consumption of the remedy, her tumor started to shrink and in two months she experienced a complete remission of the tumor. Anyone who wants to achieve the same results must follow a strict diet which is high in vitamins! Besides following a nutrient-dense diet, they must consume the remedy on a regular basis. Here is how to prepare it:


100 g Aloe Vera juice
300 g pure natural honey
500 g walnuts


Mix all the ingredients to create a homogenous mixture. Then, transfer into a glass jar and store in the refrigerator.


Take a tablespoon of the mixture three times a day, half an hour after meals.

Source: www.healthfitnessforall.info