There is no person out there that hates summer. Summer is fun because we can enjoy in nature all day long with wearing less cloths on us.

But it is not everything that perfect as it may sound. There is always something that will interrupt your enjoyable moments and in summer mosquitoes can ruin those moments. What makes them so annoying are their bites because they can cause itchy bumps and that will make you nervous throughout the day. On the markets you can find products that are known as ‘’anti-mosquito’’ creams but they do not provide you 100% protection against these boring insects.

But you can enjoy your summer moments without mosquitoes with a help of a plants. And today in this article you will read about 9 of those plants that can help you in the case with mosquitoes.

1. Garlic is one of the healthiest ingredients that you can find but it has a strong smell. That smell is what will keep mosquitoes away from you because they cannot stand that smell. Just plant some in your garden and mosquitoes will be past for you. Besides protecting you from mosquitoes, planting garlic in your yard will protect your yard from different insects.

2. Rosemary is most of the time used for cooking but in this article you will see how to use rosemary against mosquitoes. To protect yourself from mosquitoes plant it in your garden.

3. Marigolds are releasing an aroma known as pyrethrum and that is why it is really effective when it comes to the problem with mosquitoes.

4. Lemongrass is effective in the problem with mosquitoes because it contains oil known as citronella. This oil citronella is used for all anti-mosquito candles. By planting lemongrass around your yard you will protect yourself from mosquitoes.

5. Lemon balm is really effective when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away from you. Just remember to keep it on a clear area or in a pot because it can take over your garden.

6. Basil is another anti-mosquito plant. If you have garden plant cinnamon basil in your garden but in case you do not have you can plant it in a pot. While this plant is around you, you will be protected from mosquitoes.

7. Lavender is bringing you the calming effect with itself but it can keep mosquitoes away too. To protect yourself from mosquitoes with lavender, just keep one in your garden.

8. Catnip is a plant that is known as cat ‘’drug’’ and it can be really effective when it comes to the problem with mosquitoes. You should plant one in your garden to keep away the mosquitoes, but you should be really aware because the catnip is going to tract cats that might ruin your other plants in your garden.

9. Lemon thyme leaves can be really helpful if mosquitoes are not leaving you alone. With applying some lemon thyme leaves on your skin while you are on a picnic, it will reduce the mosquito bites by up to 62%, according to Ontario University of Guelph.

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