If an organ in our body has problem with its function, we will have problems with our health. That is a fact, so that means the same for kidney. Imagine what will happen when the kidneys will fail to adequately filter waste products from the blood? In this article you will read about the signs of kidney damage, and the things you can do to improve its function naturally.

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is the most common sign of kidney damage and unhealthy kidneys.
At first this pain is only on one side, but the pain will shortly move to both sides. If someone sleeps on only one side, then that will be side where the kidney is having more problems.
Let’s take for example when you wake up in the morning or maybe in the middle of the night to go to urine and it may or may not come easily and your lower back hurts on one or both sides.
You should not ignore if this happens to you because this is an early warning sign of kidney damage.

Rashes, itching, dryness

When the kidneys fail to remove wastes from the bloodstream, the build up of wastes in your blood can cause rashes, severe itching, and dryness.
This should be taken very seriously, and it is another early sign of having problems with your kidneys. Do not treat it with just topical creams, because they will not solve the actual problem.

Changes in urinary function

When the kidneys fail to make urine, your urinary patterns will change. The changes include:

-Urine may be foamy or bubbly
-You may start getting up more in the night to urinate
-You may urinate more often, or in greater amounts than usual, with pale urine
– Now the opposite: You may urinate less often, or in smaller amounts than usual, with dark colored urine
-You may have difficulty urinating or feel pressure
-Your urine may contain blood

So if you notice some of the changes, your kidneys are damaged, but when you notice change in color, the bigger the damage to kidneys is.

Swelling in various body parts

Like we mentioned, kidneys remove wastes and extra fluid from the body. Extra fluid will build up if the kidneys fail to remove it from the body. If this happens then it causes swelling in the face, legs, hands, ankles, and feet.

If you notice this, then your kidneys are even more damaged, so you need to visit a doctor immediately.

Fatigue and weakness

Hormone called erythropoietin is produced by the kidneys. Erythropoietin helps to make red blood cells that carry oxygen.
If the body has decreased red blood cells, it can result in anemia.
Fatigue and general weakness is caused when the oxygen delivery to cells is decreased.

Causes of kidney damage

In the most cases, the major thing that causes kidney damage is the heavy metal cadmium. Cadmium enters the environment primarily through the burning of oil and coal and the incineration of municipal waste.
This heavy metal can be found in phosphate fertilizers which contaminates our food supply.
This is another good reason to quit smoking, because smokers directly inhale cadmium into the lungs.

How to improve kidney function

You can improve kidney function through diet and lifestyle. Just make sure that you don’t smoke and make sure you avoid products that contain big amounts of cadmium. Exercise a lot, and stay hydrated, and every day consume unsweetened cranberry juice.
Corn silk, juniper berries, horsetail herb, burdock root, uva ursi leaves, goldenrod flowers and chanca piedra can be of a very good ‘herbal’ use.

Source : www.viralalternativenews.com