Everyone experienced how uncomfortable and painful can be bloated stomach. We have some unhealthy habits that cause us the problem with bloated stomach, but this article can help you to improve your chances to avoid bloating, gas and reflux.

1. Digest your food properly.

What is causing the intestinal gas is undigested food. Your body will have problem to digest, if you have gluten or lactose intolerance, foods with gluten or dairy products, and by that it will cause gas and discomfort.
You will not be able to digest food effectively, if your stomach does not contain the necessary intestinal bacteria to maintain a healthy balance. It is not only the unhealthy diet or poorly absorbed carbohydrates that cause this, even antibiotics or medications can cause it.

2. You need to avoid foods that cause bloating and gas.

It is up to us what will we eat. So you need to make the best choice possible, because many foods can cause bloating, gas, discomfort and even they can provoke a session of acid reflux(when stomach acid comes up through the esophagus and culminates in heartburn.)
Fatty foods will stay in the intestinal system longer, because they are hard to digest. That is what will cause uncomfortable sensation of being overly full. Gas and a buildup of gasses in the intestines is caused by fatty foods.

Besides fatty foods, high fiber foods can cause the same thing. Foods like:

-Dairy products
-Whole grains

3. You need to avoid behaviors that cause bloating, gas, and reflux.

Some people don’t have time to brush their teeth after every meal, so to stop the bad breath from the meal they chew gums. But if you start doing this very often then it can cause gas. Also you need to avoid eating a lot of candies and avoid drinking carbonated drinks.

If it gets worse, and you can’t do anything to stop the gasses, or if you feel pain in the stomach, you need to visit the doctor.

Source : www.viralalternativenews.com